/About Me

Gonna be so real I completely forgot to make this


Name: Isabelle
Aka: xv1
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Cameroonian
Likes: CTFs, the sun, food, sleep, music, poetry, TETRIS, clothes, trying new things, mixed media art
Dislikes: extreme pessimists, winter (short days), being broke 😔, raw arugala (i'll still eat it tho), non-gummy worms

Fun facts:

I'm a classically trained pianist
I'm addicted to tetris
I draw and paint a lot
I create obscure never been seen before problems with tech
I write bootleg css
I love all different genres of music
I'm a soon-to-be CS major who's kinda bad at math

Hml if you want to talk, I love meeting new people c:

Hack the Planet <3
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